Travertine is a form of sedimentary rock created from the limestone developed over thousands of years of collected mineral deposits from precipitation around hot springs and other mineral springs. This type of stone was most commonly used in Europe for centuries, having been popular in the building of both Italian and Roman structures. In fact, the Colosseum is built from travertine. Although you may not be building a large ancient building, this is proof that the life of travertine is endless and can withstand centuries of weather and traffic. 

Most Travertine pavers are imported into Australia from Europe, most notably Turkey. It is a very popular and commonly used stone, no doubt in part to its beauty and unique composition.

Autumn Travertine Pavers are a light to medium blend with minimal holes. The unfilled and tumbled surface gives the tiles the classic travertine look. These pavers are gorgeous as a patio placement as they require very little placement and they perfectly blend as if made to be part of nature. 

Cinajus Autumn Travertine is fantastic quality. Our current stock can be inspected at our warehouse. We recommend checking the crates of the material when choosing a supplier to ensure the quality is up to your standard.

Native to Turkey, Silver Travertine has a beautiful grey to light brown colour mix. They offer a beautiful and bold finish that maintains its own shine for long periods of time. The unfilled and tumbled surface is perfect for interior and exterior (it can withstand harsh weather conditions) floors and walls. Often used in commercial settings, Silver Travertine can be found dawning the floors and walls of hospitals, churches, gymnasiums, houses and many other structures. 

Our Silver Travertine is excellent quality. Our current stock can be inspected at our warehouse.

Are you interested in finding the perfect Travertine tiles or pavers for your next interior or exterior project? Cinajus is dedicated to only offering the highest quality natural and reclaimed products. We provide our pieces in accordance with your specifications and will ensure that each piece is carefully inspected for flaws that are not naturally perfect imperfections that come with the unique appeal of all our stones. No two pieces are alike.

Reach out to a member of our team today to discuss measurements and to receive a quote. 

March 2020

Travertine Pavers