There’s something about a great outdoor entertaining space that just tells us it’s time to relax, particularly when that space is in the comfort of your own backyard. With the great love Australians have for the good old-fashioned Saturday BBQ, spending time in the outdoors within our own homes is a beautiful way to decompress and rejuvenate in the midst of busy lives. Building these outdoor spaces in a way that reflects our personal aesthetic preferences and provides durability to withstand many years of use can often be an important investment in any family home, paving the way for years of joy and regular use.

Sandstone cladding, with its natural beauty, has never (and will never!) go out of style when it comes to outdoor entertaining spaces. With sandstone wall cladding coming in ranges from thin tiles through to thicker, random shaped cladding, sandstone is a material that can be put to great effect. Sandstone cladding can add great visual impact while providing durability that sees it withstanding the test of time both internally and externally.

Sandstone cladding is a popular choice for outdoor spaces because of its…

  • Easy installation – sandstone cladding is an easy material to work with, with tiles coming in set sizes and beautifully smooth wall panels improving adherence to the existing wall surface. This positions sandstone cladding as a cost-effective product to install.
  • Versatility – as an extremely varied product, sandstone cladding is a powerful way to immediately refresh and update a space, either through the use of a feature wall, alongside the side of pools, on boundary walls or as the material choice for every wall. Striking and visually engaging, sandstone cladding brings focal points to outdoor spaces, and is a great addition to any outdoor kitchen.
  • Appearance – as an all-natural material, sandstone cladding brings with it the beauty of imperfection. No two pieces are the same, as the stones wear the marks of the thousands of years they took to come into formation. Colour tones vary and create the space for you to lean into your desired visual aesthetic, with options across tones such as cool greys through to richer, deeper browns. 
  • Varieties in textures – the Cinajus sandstone wall cladding range brings with it options ranging from a random cladding approach down to a honed or sandblasted sandstone. Whether you’re looking for a rockface texture, something more lightweight, or a smooth, sandblasted texture, this sandstone cladding range is versatile enough to fit any range of aesthetic outcomes. 

Bring your outdoor entertaining space to life by introducing a touch of sandstone cladding – and all of the class it brings with it. Create an intimate patio or a sprawling verandah, complete with outdoor kitchen, ready to serve up lunch for a dozen – whatever your flavour is, there’s a sandstone cladding product to complement it. Explore the Cinajus range to get a taste of how sandstone can define your outdoor space in a way that makes you feel right at home.

May 2020

Introduce timeless beauty to your outdoor entertaining with sandstone cladding