Limestone pavers and tiles have been used in all kinds of architectural settings for centuries, providing durability and a long-lasting impact on homes and public spaces alike. Limestone is a popular natural stone building material as a result of its practical advantages, such as its ease of use, durability and excellence of quality. This is a natural material that not only stands the test of time, but also delivers a rich beauty in each of its pavers and tiles thanks to the natural formation process of limestone and its subsequent products.

Limestone is formed most often in clear and shallow marine waters, with shell, coral and more accumulating to form an organic sedimentary rock. This formation process results in rich and detailed limestone that’s different in every paver and tile, bringing organic nuance and texture into its finished format. For those looking to build texture into their homes down to the smallest of details, limestone pavers and tiles are a great way to enhance, accentuate and complement a wide range of architectural styles and finishes. 

Limestone pavers and tiles find their quality in the density of their stone, its colour and its cut. They’re a fantastic choice for poolside application as they reflect heat, rather than absorbing it, allowing for spaces that stay cool under foot in the blazing sun. If you’ve experienced a Sydney summer, you’ll know how important it is to look for this quality in your choice of exterior building materials!

However, limestone pavers and tiles aren’t just limited to their exterior uses thanks to their heat-resistant nature. This versatile natural stone material is used in all kinds of building applications on a daily basis, offering versatility, durability and excellence to interior and exterior spaces alike. Popular limestone pavers and tiles uses include…

  • In outdoor entertaining areas, such as patios, verandahs and garden paths
  • In poolscapes and external living spaces
  • As garden edging

Cinajus’ range of limestone pavers and tiles is extensive, offering a wide range of choices depending on the colour and texture requirements of particular spaces and designs. The range includes…

  • Tivoli limestone, which have a sandblasted finish, making them perfect for exterior flooring
  • Radenk Limestone, with a split and brushed finished
  • Amalfi Limestone, finished in a beautiful tumbled and antique style that makes it ideal for both interior and exterior usage 
  • Savona Limestone, which also comes in a tumbled finish that’s suitable for both interior and exterior walling and flooring

As limestone tiles and pavers come in a wide range of sizes, colours and even cuts, you’ve got a range of aesthetic impacts to choose from when it comes to your intended design outcomes.

September 2020

Limestone pavers and tiles – uses and applications