Sydney is known as a beautiful place to live year-round – and if you’re able to enjoy a pool in your backyard throughout constantly great weather, limestone coping is well worth your consideration. Limestone tiles are a great choice for pool coping for a number of reasons, including the range of colours, textures and finishes it’s available in, its density and its smooth, refined surface. 

Natural stone pool coping is one of the most superior choices when it comes to pool coping materials thanks to the strength and durability of natural stone material. Limestone is 100% natural stone, formed through natural processes that result in a unique look from piece to piece. Calming under bare feet and contributing to a sense of relaxation and peacefulness, limestone coping is a fantastic way to bring a touch of luxury to your pool area, while also ensuring your pool coping is going to stand up under weather, constant use, heat and general wear and tear. 

Limestone is a sedimentary natural stone material which dates back across thousands of years, with buildings including the White House and the Empire State Building boasting limestone as their building material. Its natural feel makes it an attractive material choice for a wide diversity of building projects and long-lasting purposes. A sedimentary rock that’s formed out of the remains of marine fossils and a mixture of clay, silt or sand, the natural formation process of limestone leads to a rich variety of colours, from greys and blues through to beiges and even greens. With limestone making up around 10% of the sedimentary rock in the world, quarries exist in countries around the globe, leading to its presence across cultures, traditions and a wide diversity of architectural styles.

Limestone remains a popular choice year after year thanks in part to its colour palettes. With colours ranging from cool to warm, limestone is a sophisticated choice that adds style and demonstrates design consideration in its usage. The Cinajus limestone range includes Savona Limestone, which is a warm beige with a tumbled finish; Amalfi limestone, with a beige antique colouring and a tumbled finish; Tivoli limestone, which is a cool grey with a sandblasted finish; Radenk limestone, a charcoal limestone featuring a split and brushed finish; Midland Blue limestone, sawn and acid washed in its finish (which makes it perfect for non-slip environments); Midland Blue limestone exfoliated, in a lighter grey; and Kotah Blue limestone, a fine-grained limestone which is non-slip and non-porous, making it suitable for even large commercial spaces with constant foot traffic due to its longevity.

Limestone coping can bring a variety of colours, textures and feels to your pool coping, giving you the choices you need to design your perfect outdoor living space and enjoy it for years to come. Take a look at the range of limestone coping options at Cinajus today

June 2020

Limestone coping for your Sydney pool area