Marble tiles and pavers have a certain classic air about them, bringing to mind images of ballrooms past and speaking to centuries of design and architectural uses and aesthetics. Whether they’re being used for feature walls, as flooring in interior or exterior spaces, or in large-scale commercial settings, marble tiles and pavers offer many strengths and features that make them a compelling choice. Here’s a run-down of the key features that set marble tiles and pavers apart, and that make them well worth your while for considering in your next build or renovation project.

Known for their durability

If there’s one thing that’s common knowledge about marble tiles and pavers, it’s their durability. Known for its purity, marble is a popular choice for many because of its completely natural formation. Centuries of marble usage have proven its ability to withstand the tests of time and deliver an aesthetically pleasing, and highly durable, use and experience day after day.

Marble offers strong insulation

Did you know marble is a great insulator? Marble remains cool even under the pressure of direct sunlight, and retains its warmth in the cool of winter. If you live in an area with hot summers and cool winters, as is common for us in Australia, marble’s a wonderful choice for keeping your heating and cooling costs down and offering practical insulation from season to season. Practical for residential and commercial settings, marble’s insulation qualities bring an added bang for your buck in terms of their ongoing contribution to the sustainability of your home.

Marble reflects light

The light-reflecting nature of marble means it can be a powerful tool for bringing light into rooms that struggle to achieve it naturally. Many people use this to their advantage, choosing white or light-coloured marble tiles and pavers to bring more light into their homes. Enhancing the sense of light, air and space, are advantages for adding a healthy glow in small rooms or into spacious, wide areas. Particularly in Australia, where we have beautiful sunshine year-round in many environments, marble is a beautiful interplay with the natural light quality to accentuate and enhance the welcoming sense of a room.

Marble tiles and pavers are beautiful

Marble tiles and pavers sit in a unique place of aesthetic finish and impact. Coming in a range of colours and finishes, marble can be used to create a feeling of immense luxury and grandeur, or can be employed more subtly to add eloquence to key living spaces. With marble countertops and backsplashes becoming commonplace, people are looking for more ways to introduce this beautiful, light-reflecting and timeless material into their homes and their overall architectural aesthetic. As every stone block is unique, each marble tile and paver brings its own impact and finish into its finished form. Using marble in your home or commercial space is a beautiful way to bring a one-of-a-kind impact into your environment that catches the light, welcomes people in and adds a sense of timeless luxury to your space.

August 2020

Key features of marble tiles and pavers