Sandstone pavers are immediately evocative of lingering afternoons by the pool or in the haze of great company after a Sunday BBQ. With a timeless and natural luxury, sandstone pavers have come to infiltrate Australian landscaping at rapid speed, thanks to their many compelling qualities. Also used in beautiful settings such as museums and galleries, there’s a reason sandstone pavers speak to an understated sense of grandeur.

Sandstone is a type of sedimentary rock created when minerals and natural materials cement together over a process of time. Given the amount of sand in sandstone, it’s also common for them to pick up decades of fossil material, contributing to the organic finish of sandstone and its look and feel.

Not only are sandstone pavers used throughout outdoor landscaping, but they’re also commonly embraced in home interiors. Their versatility allows for them to complement new or existing architecture in a wide range of spaces and across designs. However, sandstone pavers are often used in landscaping thanks to their ability to stand up under all kinds of weather conditions, withstanding the test of time under rain, hail or sunshine. 

While sandstone pavers are commonly used in residential settings, they’re also a popular choice for commercial environments. Their versatility and durability makes them a great choice of material for areas with heavy foot traffic and a wide variety of everyday uses.

One of the areas where sandstone pavers most shine is when they’re used to complement natural landscapes. Sandstone pavers come in natural, warm hues, and these colour palettes make for perfect contrasting next to rich greens and natural landscape colours. If you’re looking to create an evocative outdoor area that sees outdoor living melt into manicured gardens, sandstone pavers are the perfect choice for bringing class, understated luxury and elegance into your everyday living experience.

Sandstone pavers are also a practical choice: with pavers coming in a range of sizes, you can find exactly the right paver for your space or landscaping needs. Different finishes also contribute versatility to the sandstone paver range, creating even more freedom for design and the creation of a clear aesthetic vision. 

As well, sandstone pavers are natural insulators. This is why you often see sandstone pavers used in pool areas and as pool coping. Cool under the warm sun, sandstone pavers are the perfect choice for outdoor family living, protecting feet under even the strongest of Australian summer suns. Particular finishes can also ensure that sandstone pavers which are used for pool areas are non-slip, creating even more safety and allowing your family to enjoy days in the pool without concern for slippery pavers under feet. 

If you’re looking to bring your outdoor landscaping and living to life, introduce sandstone pavers as your material of choice. Outdoor living can bring about some of our best memories of those long summer days and lingering autumn nights together, so introduce sandstone pavers as the long-lasting, trustworthy tool to bring your dream outdoor space to life.

March 2021

How sandstone pavers complement natural landscapes