Crazy paving and its many uses

Crazy paving may not sound like a serious flooring material, but it’s well worth your serious attention and consideration. Crazy paving refers to the ‘crazed’ appearance of a finished area, and harkens back to design preferences from centuries long before our existence. Reminiscent of uneven and unique cobblestone, crazy paving is laid using stone or […]

Design inspiration for Bluestone crazy pave

Have you come across the term ‘crazy paving’ or come across the Bluestone crazy pave? Crazy Paving can also be referred to as Flagging or FlagStone and is irregular shaped stone that’s used across flooring and walling alike. Designed to maximise the waste of quarrying, when cracks or imperfections can get in the way of […]

Crazy Stone Paving

Although flagstones / crazy stone paving has been out of vogue for several years now, it is certainly making a resurgence. This is mainly because it is eco-friendly and cheap, as it makes use of recycled pieces of stone. In addition to this, crazy stone-paved compounds tend to have totally unique designs owing to the […]