A Primer Guide to Bluestone Paving

Whether or not you’re familiar with bluestone as a material, odds are high that you’ve come across – and appreciated – this beautiful paving material before. Bluestone is actually a colloquial term that doesn’t refer to one single stone, but to multiple natural stones from all around the world. How does bluestone form? Bluestone pavers […]

Why are Sandstone Tiles so popular?

We don’t choose tiles based purely on aesthetics – but if we did, sandstone tiles would sit well and truly at the top of the list. A natural stone that holds onto its popularity as a building material decade after decade, sandstone is used in all kinds of manners as a building material, including as […]

Where and When to Use Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are a popular and widely embraced floor covering, with granite also sitting as a popular choice for tile countertops in kitchens. Granite is a result of processing igneous (volcanic) rock until it’s become a smooth surface, often revealing previously hidden beauty within the rock itself. This leads to a rich variety in textures […]

Refreshing your backyard with limestone pavers

In the same way that simple changes in colour choices can make a dramatic impact to the feel of an interior or exterior space, the choice of materials across areas such as pavers and tiling is also an opportunity to bring a specific vision for an area to life. Refreshing your backyard with the addition […]

What are Travertine Tiles?

While travertine tiles may seem like a recent fad, this form of natural stone has in fact been in use since ancient Italian eras, adding beauty and function to homes around the world for century after century. Travertine tiles are certainly enjoying a moment in the sun in Australia, with this material being in high […]

Limestone Pavers

Limestone is the sedimentary stone found in both freshwater and saltwater coastal areas. It is formed over millions of years and is composed of many fragments of marine life and aragonite that have fossilized over these millennia. Indeed, take a critical glance at any piece of limestone, even those already in use in old buildings, […]

Travertine Pavers

Travertine is a form of sedimentary rock created from the limestone developed over thousands of years of collected mineral deposits from precipitation around hot springs and other mineral springs. This type of stone was most commonly used in Europe for centuries, having been popular in the building of both Italian and Roman structures. In fact, […]

Cobblestones Tiles and Pavers

The Cinajus Cobblestone Range Is Available As Granite Cobblestone, Basalt Or Bluestone Cobbles. Cobblestones have long been the most sought after chosen method of construction due to their durability and strength. Their natural availability and style have allowed them to regain their popularity for residential and commercial driveways and paths over the last decade. Since […]

Mosaic Glass Tiles

Mosaic glass tiles are used for internal pool surrounds mainly yet they can also look great for countertop finishes and wall decor, it is not uncommon to find them applied as a flooring material. When used on floors, mosaic tiles can imbue a room with a set of style and luxury, and that is why […]

Charcoal Pavers

Charcoal pavers are, without a doubt, some of the most sought after flooring and paving materials in the market today. These pavers are commonly used for driveway paving, although they lend themselves well to use on floors, walls and countertops.  Factors to Consider when Buying Charcoal Pavers Here are some of the factors you need […]

Stone Cladding for Exterior Walls

Stone cladding for exterior walls is not anything new. Many building owners have been cladding their walls with natural stones since time immemorial. This decorative, architectural technique involves applying a layer of natural stones and other materials on your indoor and outdoor walls to make them look more appealing and protect them from the effects […]

Granite Pavers Sydney

Granite pavers are formed from natural igneous rocks, which comprise of tough minerals such as feldspar, quartz and mica. Moreover, they come in various shapes and designs. Hence they are an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor paving projects. Why you should opt for granite pavers Low maintenance Like most natural stones, granite pavers require […]

Pavers Australia

If you are searching for quality pavers in Australia, then you have come to the right place. Pavers are a popular flooring feature in most residential and commercial buildings. However, as common as they might seem to be, most property owners face numerous challenges finding the ideal type of pavers for the construction or renovation […]