If you’re looking to create a meandering garden path, straight-cut dimensions aren’t going to lean into the feeling of whimsy and discovery, but the Bluestone Organic Stepping Stones will. For paths that play into the natural landscape around them, stepping stones are the way to go – and the Bluestone Organic Stepping Stones is the material that can bring your vision to life.

Cut with a sawn top surface and an organic natural edge, Balmoral Bluestone Stepping Stones have a beautiful finish and impact. These stepping stones are perfect for long, central garden paths, for secret pathways through garden beds, and for being placed together to create sitting areas and outdoor features within a wider landscape design and approach. By using individual stepping stones, you can create a bespoke and truly unique garden finish that ties your landscaping together and brings your outdoor space to life. 

The Bluestone Organic Stepping Stones are also the perfect material for smaller landscaping and design jobs. If you’re looking to reinvigorate your front or back yard and outdoor living spaces, but don’t want to commit to a full-scale landscaping or renovation process, the addition of these stepping stones in key uses can bring a liveliness and refreshment to your exteriors. Cost-effective and simple to install, Bluestone Organic Stepping Stones can add points of interest and provide a practical solution to moving throughout your garden with a much smaller commitment of cost, time and effort.

If your home has rich clean lines and striking symmetry, stepping stones are a great way to break these up and add points of focal interest. Organic Stepping Stones can bring a new layer of design aesthetic to your exterior spaces, bringing a sense of naturalism with them that speaks to working in harmony with the land and with its rhythms.

In terms of functionality, Bluestone Organic Stepping Stones bring the kind of density and durability that’s required for outdoor uses. These stepping stones are a low-maintenance choice that will withstand weather, seasons and the wearing down of everyday use. The dark hues of the Bluestone finish and colour space is great for disguising dirt, meaning these stepping stones don’t require regular cleaning to stay as effective in their aesthetic as the day you installed them. 

The Bluestone Organic Stepping Stones are also a wise choice for families with children. If your home is often full of kids running through the backyard on a hot summer’s day, these stepping stones will provide the non-slip surface that will allow the younger members of your family to fully embrace the potential of their backyard enjoyment. Whether your children are running through sprinklers or are walking back from the pool, these stepping stones will provide the safety you need under their feet to ensure that a slip isn’t going to bring an end to a game of tag. 
With a wide variety of options in how they’re used and a timeless aesthetic that brings beauty and nuance to any outdoor space, Bluestone Organic Stepping Stones are the stones you need to bring your outdoor landscaping dreams to life.

August 2020

Create a rich backyard aesthetic featuring Bluestone Organic Stepping Stones