Cinajus – marble suppliers Sydney –  offer import, wholesale and retail supply across a range of marble floor tiles, honed slabs and marble cladding.

Marble is usually formed from a limestone that has undergone a metamorphic process. The metamorphic process involves heat and pressure over long periods of time causing substantial physical and chemical change. The result of this process is typically a stone that is denser, less absorbent and visually different to the original stone.

Marble has been used as a building material for thousands of years and has always been a cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste. Its variations in colour and pattern continues to make marble one of the most sought after natural stone products worldwide.

At Cinajus we stock marble tiles for interior applications and marble pavers for exterior projects.

These are the finishes in stock at Cinajus:

  • Brushed – This surface has a slight texture that adds interest and grip to marble tiles. This surface is best suited to interior floors and walls. The brushed surface is available in Light Emperador, Arjan and Kiruna marble tiles.
  • Honed – This is a smooth matt finish that is ideal for interior floors and walls. Bianco Carrara, Cappuccino, Light Emperador, Arjan and Kiruna are available in honed marble tiles.
  • Polished – This is a high gloss surface that is similar to glass. Cappuccino is available in polished marble tiles.
  • Sandblasted – This surface has great slip resistance and is perfect for outdoor paving. Argento is available is sandblasted marble pavers.
  • Split – The split finish is used for exterior or interior stone cladding. St Gallen and Alpine cladding are available in the split finish.

Our Marble Range

Cappuccino Marble

Regular Sizes – Delivery in 11 weeks 457 x 457 x 12mm Polished Tile 610 x 305 x 12mm Polished...

Argento Marble Pavers

Argento is a beautiful white marble with grey veins and occasional hints of warmer colour. The sandblasted finish of the...

St Gallen Marble

St Gallen Marble is a unique natural marble cladding perfect internal and external walls. St Gallen Marble is only 25-35mm thick...