Basalt Bluestone

The Cinajus Basalt Bluestone range is great for internal floors, external paving, pool coping and surrounds and internal and external walls.

What is Bluestone? Bluestone is a colloquial term for many different natural stones around the world. In NSW and Victoria, Bluestone usually refers to Basalt. In South Australia Bluestone refers to a local Slate. At Cinajus, all our Bluestone products are natural Basalt that is valued for its strength and durability.

Basalt and Bluestone is an extruded igneous natural stone. It is the most common volcanic rock on the planet and is formed when basaltic lava flows cool. Basalt and bluestone is similar in density and strength to Granite and some basalts have been mistakenly sold as granite. The colour of bluestone typically ranges from grey to charcoal.

Bluestone can sometimes have small holes or cavities called vesicles. These are formed during the extrusion process when magma rises to the surface and the pressure on it decreases. As this happens gases are able to come out of the solution creating larger bubbles that are caught in the lava as it cools. These vesicles can either be in occasional small patches like our sawn Balmoral Bluestone Sawn pavers or more consistently through the stone like our Balmoral Bluestone L-Ho cladding.

These are the finishes we regularly stock:

  • Exfoliated – This is ideal for exterior floors and walls. This finish is available in Jet Black Basalt pavers and tiles.
  • Sawn – This is a smooth non-slip finish that can be used inside and out. Sawn bluestone will retain some of the original saw marks made during processing. This finish is available in Balmoral Bluestone pavers and tiles.
  • Honed – This is a smooth finish that is only suitable for interior floors and walls. The honed finish is available in Balmoral Bluestone tiles.
  • Ripple – This is a very rough surface with linear cuts giving it a rippled look that is perfect for water features and feature walls. Ripple finish is available in Balmoral Bluestone Ripple large format wall tiles.

Many more finishes are available as custom orders.


Our Basalt Bluestone Range

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Balmoral Bluestone Honed

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Balmoral Bluestone L-HO

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Balmoral Bluestone Ripple

Balmoral Bluestone Ripple Wall Cladding is a unique finish for feature walls and water features. The rippled texture is designed...

Jet Black Basalt

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