Quad Skimmer Box Lid

QUAD Skimmer Box Lids offer a flush finished, paving matched surface with minimal clearances so the lid virtually disappears. This ensures that the lid doesn’t detract from the pool’s good looks. The QUAD comprises a stainless steel tray that has a paving matched stone infill. The tray supports the stone and protects it from chipping and cracking. You don’t have to worry whether your stone is still available if it breaks down the track because the stainless steel tray protects it.

We also supply a heavy duty stainless steel key to allow easy, controlled removal of the lid. This key should be kept out of reach of children so they cannot access the skimmer box. This keyed access meets the above Australian Standard required for skimmer box lid certification. The keyway also provides adequate ventilation yet is not a trip hazard.

 The QUAD Skimmer Lid comprises a 2mm thick 316 marine grade stainless steel tray with the selected paving matched, fitted as a stone infill. A keyway slot is cut into the stone infill prior to assembly into the slotted tray.  The tray supports the stone and protects it from chipping, cracking and possibly breaking. Replacement stones or tiles to match may not be available in the future.

The dimensions of the square tray are 336 x 336 mm.  The depth of the tray can be chosen depending on the thickness of the paving material to be inserted.  Four depths are available as standard: 15mm (to suit paving material 12mm or less), 25mm (to suit paving material 20mm or less), 35mm (to suit paving material 30mm or less) and 45mm (to suit paving material 40mm or less).  Custom depths are also available.