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St Gallen Marble Cladding

St Gallen Marble Cladding – Work In Progress We have some new images of our St Gallen Marble cladding during installation at a recent project in Sydney. This new project perfectly shows the look and feel of this beautiful marble cladding that features single piece corners. St Gallen Marble Cladding is a product exclusive to Cinajus. […]

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Travertine Pavers

Uses and Benefits of Travertine Pavers Cinajus is a provider of travertine pavers and tiles. Visit our Sydney display centre. The search for a durable yet beautiful surface for a variety of home and business landscape needs can be difficult. Too often, people end up compromising on one of the major factors they are considering: […]

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Sandstone Pavers

Uses and Benefits of Sandstone Pavers Cinajus is a premier provider of sandstone pavers. Visit our Sydney display centre. Finding the right surface for your new or remodeled home, business, or other landscape project can be difficult. A balance between durability, appearance, price, and suitability is difficult to find. Sandstone pavers provide an excellent solution […]

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