In this section, our aim is to educate you around natural stone. We will explain everything you need to know, what to look out for and what we recommend. Sharing all the knowledge we have should allow you to make the right decision for your project

Is Natural Stone Too Expensive?

Natural stone is beautiful and comes with a certain cost. But the question is: how much? Generally, natural stone is used more for external projects due to it being pricier than internal products like timber, vinyl or carpet. Sure, natural stone can be used for internals, but this will depend on your budget.

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Is Natural Stone High Maintenance?

Maintenance of natural stone is a frequently asked about subject. We will deep dive into the maintenance required as well as comparing it to other alternatives like timber, ceramic and porcelain for external projects.

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Does Stone Quality Vary?

Quality should be a factor when considering which supplier to use. There are different qualities in stone and this article will go through what to look for when choosing the right product for your project.

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Does Natural Stone Need To Be Sealed?

We recommend sealing any newly installed stone, whether it is a floor or a wall. Sealing your stone is like buying a new car and putting on car seat covers: it provides a layer of protection. Sealing doesn’t eliminate staining but it helps prevent it.

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Everything you need to know about Travertine

Travertine is one of the most popular products and yet it’s often confusing on how to determine a supplier’s quality of the stone and pricing. We will deep dive into everything you need to know and what to look out for when shopping for travertine.

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