The Cinajus Cobblestone Range Is Available As Granite Cobblestone, Basalt Or Bluestone Cobbles.

Used for centuries as a hardy and durable road surface, natural stone cobbles or setts have recently been growing in popularity for residential and commercial driveways and paths. At Cinajus we stock cobbles made from Granite, Basalt and Quartzite usually 30mm thick and are adhered to a mesh backing that makes laying the cobbles much easier.

Cobbles can also be custom ordered to specific sizes, finishes and patterns. Our fan pattern granite cobbles are supplied in a very large 1400mm long pattern on mesh that looks sensational and saves many hours of installation time over individually laying a fan pattern.

Cinajus can also customise the thickness of the cobbles for public domain areas that receive regular medium to heavy vehicle traffic. Cobbles for these areas are usually supplied with a thickness of between 40-100mm depending on the traffic load. These extra strong cobbles are a fantastic long term paving solution that will look great many years to come.

Some of the surface finishes available in cobbles:

  • Exfoliated – A flat surface with great slip resistance ideal for most driveways and paths. Granite and Basalt cobbles are available in the exfoliated finish.
  • Hand Cut – A surface that has a lot of variance in thickness. This offers great grip for steep driveways. Jet Black Basalt cobbles are available in Hand Cut cobbles
  • Hand Cut and Tumbled – Similar to Hand Cut cobbles, these have also been tumbled to give a softer aged look. Regent Grey Granite cobbles are available in hand cut and tumbled cobbles.
  • Split – Usually available in our Quartzite cobbles, this is a natural finish that has variance in thickness and colour. Split cobbles usually have less thickness variance than Hand Cut.